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Ambassador Blogs

Dear Future Ambrose Student

What Do I Do From Here?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Straight from the Lion's Mouth

My New Journey into the Unknown


7 Apps and Websites that University Students Need To Know About

Calgary Classics

How to Get Through the Last Six Weeks

My Space, My Way

What Happens in the Seminary Commons?

How flexible is Seminary?

Ways to Stay Organized in School

5 Important Things To Know When Living Off-Campus

We're Halfway There!

5 Reasons I Love Being a Student Leader

Living in Residence and Having a Social Life!

Sing Your Heart Out!

What University is REALLY for.

It's Ok to Not be Ok

Calling All Freshmen!

Welcome to Second Semester!

Living in YYC: Cafe Edition

How do you see God in your education when you’re tired of – well, your education?

Banqueting with Emma House

The Introvert Survival Guide

Things You Actually NEED in Dorms

Everybody Everywhere, Self-Care, Self Care!

7 Tips to Surviving the End of the Semester

Learning to Fly

All About Mo

Hello, From Me!

All About Me...

0 to 100 and Loving It!

This is my Story

Intro to Me...

What Program Should I Choose?

School's Out, Summer's In

Why Small Classes Matter in the Business Program

I Volunteer as Tribute!

How Do I Pick My Classes?

Independence at University

Misconceptions about University

Everything Changed: A Lesson in Identity

Openness to Learning Something New

Worried About Getting Around Calgary?

Finding Friends at University

Reading Week Reading List

Perks of Going to a Small University

Get Involved –The Social Justice Club at Ambrose University

What is it like to be an international student?

Community and Joy

Happy New Year!

What is this white stuff falling from the sky? Is this real life?

Social Life in Residence

Survival Guide to ‘Finals Apocalyptic Week’

“Seminary? Master of Divinity? What is that?!”

How to Write a Thesis – And Other Things High School Didn’t Teach Me

But You Don’t Sound Nova Scotian?

Finding a Fantastic University

The First Step of 1000 Miles

Step Into My Adventure

Journey Forward...

Don't Know What to do in Calgary? Let me help you!

While Traveling to Ambrose – From Near and Far

Taking Advantage of Christian Community

When You Don't Know What To Do

LYC 2015

Worried about not being able to meet friends?

To any potential commuter students:

Calling all Nazarenes!

Taking Care with Self-Care

My Journey to Not Becoming a Teacher

Tips for Staying on Track


As an international student...

Life as an international student

Becoming Mates with My Roommate

Life as a Residence Student

To Dream Again