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Straight from the Lion's Mouth

Posted by Thando Mkhabela

As a Student Ambassador here at Ambrose, a part of my job is letting potential students know about the school. The greatest way of doing this is through sharing personal experiences of current students. For this blog, I’ve interviewed a few students about their experience here at Ambrose University.

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What Happens in the Seminary Commons?

Posted by Johana Mak

The campus of Ambrose University was built in 2008 with great facilities. These facilities include Commuter Collegium, cafeteria, a lot of seating areas, and much more. Those who are in the Seminary programs are very grateful to have an area called Seminary commons. So what happens in that area?

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Calling All Freshmen!

Posted by MacKenzie Baker

Are you a freshmen entering university in the fall of 2017? Are you excited but yet kind of nervous on how everything is going to turn out? Maybe this will be your first time away from home? Maybe this is the first time that you won’t be at school for a whole 8 hours? Whatever the case, here are 5 things that I wish I knew coming into my freshmen year of University:

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Perks of Going to a Small University

Posted by Anna Zipprick

So, it’s not a secret that out of the universities in Calgary, Ambrose is one of the smallest. Our student body is growing like crazy, but we’re still just under a thousand students. And some of you may see that reality as a negative thing, because the size of school is often seen as what determines the number of opportunities for students. But, I’m here to tell you not only that a small university is awesome, but also that it really should be preferred. Here’s why:

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Social Life in Residence

Posted by MacKenzie Baker

Upon arriving at Ambrose, one of the things I was most concerned about was making friends in residence and being a part of the many different activities that take place.

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