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How to Get Through the Last Six Weeks

Posted by Mo Hickman

Ahh March… the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and the groans of exhausted students get just a little louder over the frantic tapping of laptop keyboards. It seems like just as the end comes into view, all motivation to study is lost and the desire to do school is gone.

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7 Tips to Surviving the End of the Semester

Posted by Emily Hyrcha

Here we are… somehow it still feels like summer just ended, and that we should have all of this free time kicking around. But we’ve blinked and now there’s only a handful of classes left in the semester, and what seems like thousands of assignments left to be handed in (scary thought!). From my experience through this most oh-so-wonderful part of the semester (can you taste the sarcasm?) I have found a few ways that help me survive this crazy time. So here we go, my top 7 Tips to Surviving the End of the Semester:

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Survival Guide to ‘Finals Apocalyptic Week’

Posted by Miranda Casey

It is that time in the semester where every student dreads ‘Finals Apocalyptic Week’. This is where some students leave final papers, take home exams, and preparing those 150 cue-cards for your biology exam, all until the final week of classes.

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