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Straight from the Lion's Mouth

Posted by Thando Mkhabela

As a Student Ambassador here at Ambrose, a part of my job is letting potential students know about the school. The greatest way of doing this is through sharing personal experiences of current students. For this blog, I’ve interviewed a few students about their experience here at Ambrose University.

Q 1: What is your favorite memory from being at Ambrose?

Stefan Du Toit-2nd Year, Biology: My favorite memory of being at Ambrose so far is working till the early hours of the morning with the guys on my floor. I’ve been able to really bond with guys I’ve just met this year. We’ve been able to bond over talking about life while in a caffeine induced state. It’s great!

Katherine Kennedy- 4th Year, Behavioral Science: Going to see the Cinderella movie during my second year. It was a bit of a last minute decision and a group of us went together. Afterwards, we couldn’t get my friend Jacinta to stop singing the songs from the film!

Wari Willie-Pepple-3rd Year, Behavioral Science: I’ve loved being able to sing at Coffeehouses. I’ve really loved being able to share my talent and also have my friends come and support me.

Jeff Tunke- 2nd Year, Business: Honestly, I’ve had to say doing life with friends. It sounds simple but it’s so so good. Coming up with ridiculous ideas and doing them together as a crew has grown me as a student and as a man.

Jacinta Suma- 3rd Year Biology: My favorite memory would be hosting Orientation. During these first few days of school, I was able to see how excited all the incoming freshmen are about their upcoming time at Ambrose. It’s great to see how alive the school gets and how excited everyone is excited to come back and start off another great year!

Q 2: What are your plans after graduating from Ambrose?

Adelle Payne- 5th Year, Intercultural Ministries: After finishing my Bachelor of Theology in Intercultural Ministries, I’m planning on heading back home to Edmonton to find work. Ultimately, I hope to be able to use my degree to work in overseas ministry.

Dora Paul-3rd Year, Biology: After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, I hope to attend Medical school. I also want to further specialize in cardiology.

Mark Herbert- 3rd Year, Theology: It depends on a number of things. Going on to seminary to continue my education is one possibility. The other thing would to be to go into church ministry of some kind. I hope to have a better idea of which specific ministry after my internship this coming fall.

Alanna Schwartz-4th Year, English Literature: I’m currently in the English Literature program. With my degree I’ll probably pursue reconciliation with Indigenous people through the Arts.

Daryll Iluis- 1st Year, Biology: I plan to find a temporary career using my Bachelor of Science degree and would love to travel as well. Later on, I’ll go back into school for a professional career in physiotherapy.

I hope this blog has been beneficial in helping you picture what your university experience here at Ambrose could look like. I believe that it’s by hearing these personal stories that we can make the best choices for ourselves, as well as recognize the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

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