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My Space, My Way

Posted by MacKenzie Baker
MacKenzie Baker

If there is one challenge to living in residence, I would have to say that it is the concept of space. Space is something that we take for granted living at home. You have your living room, your kitchen and your bedroom to spread out in. When you move into residence you make ½ of a room your all in one “me-space”. Here are 3 steps on how to make a little residence room feel like home!

Pick a layout that works for you!

This is something that is so important and something that I definitely should have done when I first got to University. When you first walk into your dorm room, the bed and the desk will be placed a certain way, but that is NOT how they have to stay. You have your whole side of the room to play around with. Find a layout that works best for you, your style, and your roommate.

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Bring stuff from home! 

Buying all new stuff for University, although it may be fun, is not practical. I bet that if you looked around your room, you have a majority of the things you would go out and buy anyway. Bringing things from home can make your space feel like you. Why waste the time and money, right?

Decorate it how you like! Kenz Res Blog 2.jpg

If you’re like me and love pops of color and things to be organized just right, then make your room resemble that! If you are the type of person who wants just one photo on the wall, then do that. If you are a simple kind of person who isn’t into hanging things on the wall, then don’t. This is your space, make it you!

There is nothing worse than your space not feeling like your space. Don’t be a stranger to the room you were given, simply tell it who is boss. Remember, this is you space for the next 8 months! 






























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