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How do you see God in your education when you’re tired of – well, your education?

Posted by Emily Hyrcha

Well, have you ever felt that feeling of “being done” with something? Or, loving every minute of it, while simultaneously ready to move on to the next chapter in your life? That tension of wanting time to move faster, while at the same time wanting it to slow down? I remember feeling this way when I was in grade 12, and now I’m living it again in my final year of my undergraduate degree. There’s times when I love school, and don’t get me wrong, those times are quite often, but what do you do when you don’t love school? When you feel… done?

Currently, I’m struggling to see God in those times where I’m not floating on a cloud of loving my academic life. I know that He’s here, but how do we see Him? Well, a very wise and kind friend of mine suggested that I look for Him in the little things. Maybe you thought that you were going to be late for a class, but traffic and lights were on your side and you arrived 10 minutes early. Or when you leave an exam feeling defeated, but ended up acing it. Did a friend go out of their way to give you a hug? Were the clouds in the evening sunset beautiful?

Find God in the little things. Look for Him in the smaller, seemingly mundane tasks and events. Seek Him out in areas where you normally wouldn’t. We always seem to look for God in the big things, and yet, the “small” things are so important too. It’s not always about the monumental, but more about the quiet whisper, giving you a sense of peace and joy in a complicated time.

Just this evening a friend offered to grab coffee with me, and my mom told me a hilarious story about her kitten that made me smile. My boss asked me about my day, and my professor extended extra help with a paper.

Perhaps I’m not floating on a cloud right now, but God’s still there, actively working in my education. So if you see me around campus, ask what small thing God did for me today, and I’ll ask you the same!

Grace and peace!

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