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5 Reasons I Love Being a Student Leader

Posted by Mo Hickman
Mo Hickman

“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” – Jim Rohn

Ambrose is all about developing well-rounded students. That means that students will have opportunities both in and outside the classroom to learn and develop academically, socially, and spiritually. Ambrose offers a variety of leadership positions including student council, residence assistants, commuter life leaders, worship bands, athletic leaders and more! This year I have been involved in a few different leadership positions:

  • First Year Experience - I get to work with new students to make their first year a success!
  • A-Live Co-ordinator - I organize a monthly student-led worship night!
  • Student Ambassadors – I get to represent my school and tell prospective students all about Ambrose! (And write fun blogs like this one!)

I love being a student leader! And here are some reasons why:  


I contribute to the Ambrose community by being a student leader.  I am not just someone who shows up for class, but am an active part of student life here. I love knowing that I am contributing to student life here at Ambrose.

Develop Skills

Leadership roles are known for their ability to help develop important skills. We improve our skills and abilities through practice, so the more leadership opportunities you have, the more you develop your leadership skills. I am a natural leader, but I still have so much to learn about leadership and working with other people. Being an Ambrose student leader has helped me to develop my skills as well as discover what my passions are and what type of roles I fill best.

Help Others

Leadership, I find, is done primarily for the good of others. A leader cannot lead all by themselves: they need people. I find so much joy in being able to serve others. When I choose a leadership position, I focus more on what I will be able to do for others, and less on what I will get out of the positon. If I can help just one person through giving my time and energy, then I consider my contribution a success!  

Meet People

Being a student leader has helped me tremendously to get to know people at Ambrose. As an introvert, I struggle sometimes with social interaction and find it much easier to hide in my room or just hang out with my close friends. But because I am a leader, I have a reason to be out in the community and get to know people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.


Leadership gives me a sense of purpose. I feel better about myself when I know that I have contributed to my community and made a difference in someone’s life. A student’s day should involve more than just homework and studying: it should involve things that fill you and give you joy. For me, leadership is one of those things. 

These are a few of the many reasons I choose to be a student leader. If you were born to lead, or if you’re wanting to try something new, I highly recommend checking out one of the many student leadership opportunities available at Ambrose!! I promise that it will make your university experience even better.

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My incredible First Year Experience Team on Move-In Day!! We are the first faces that new students get to know (and love)!












My incredible First Year Experience Team on Move-In Day!! We are the first faces that new students get to know (and love)!

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